Natalie Warner Wants More “Anonymous Extraordinaries”

Natalie Warne did not let being too young stop her from running a successful campaign for the Invisible Children project.  In a recent speech to other teens and young adults, she called on young people everywhere not to let age stop them from changing the world.

When she was 17, Natalie Warne learned about the Invisible Children Project — a campaign to rescue Ugandan children from Joseph Kony’s child armies. As an intern for Invisible Children, she led a nation-wide campaign for the project. She successfully got the campaign featured on the Oprah Winfrey show, a victory that dramatically raised the profile of the movement.  Natalie now works as a film editor in Los Angeles.

Natalie Warne’s work with the Invisible Children movement made her a hero for young activists. At TEDxTeen she uses her inspiring story to remind us that no one is too young to change the world.

Listen to her inspiring story at the TED conference.

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