The Importance of Grandparents

Grandparents are important for many reasons.  They are often relied upon as secondary caregivers that teach children about the heritage of a family, as well as passing on family values, beliefs, and traditions.

From birth, children thrive in a loving environment where they are nurtured and cared for.  They learn about their world through interaction with loving adults who play with them, help them pursue their interests, and assist them in exploring their world.  For many families, grandparents have a large part in caring for children.  As the elders in the family, grandparents are, oftentimes, the equivalent to the root of the family tree that anchors the family in place.  Foundational to the role of secondary caregiver, the unmatched level of patience, kindness, and a full life of rich experiences that a grandparent can bring to a child’s life is an important part of promoting inter-generational bonds.

The Treasure that Grandparents Bring to a Family
Having lived through childhood, adulthood, and grandparenthood, grandparents bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the family structure that nobody else can equal.  Grandparents are the historians of the family, providing detailed, first-hand accounts of bygone eras and passing on important family history and legacies that can never be taught in schools or read in books.  For grandchildren, these interesting accounts and colorful narratives often provide a basis for family pride and honor.  Grandparents also provide stability and unconditional love which are important factors in healthy childhood development.

From the Grandparent’s Point of View
From the perspective of the older generation, being a grandparent can be an opportunity to play and interact with grandchildren without the usual worries that accompany parenthood.  Taking part in rearing grandchildren can also be a time for grandparents to make up for mistakes they may have made with their children.  Not only do grandparents make excellent mentors to young children, but many times it is the grandchildren that are able to teach their grandparents how to keep up with the times in areas such as technology or modern vernacular.  As people in the last phase of life, grandparents often regard grandchildren as the spark that gives meaning, purpose, and a glorious finale to the concluding chapter of their lives.

Grandparents serve as important links to our past, as well as giving us healthy social support for our children’s future.   They are role models that exemplify and pass along important family values, traditions and beliefs.  Most importantly, grandparents quite often are the epitome of unconditional love and acceptance that children in our society can greatly benefit from.  Not only do they preserve the history of an earlier time, but they act as a beacon that guides the budding generation with the light of their vast wisdom and valuable experience.

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