Do You Have a Strong-Willed Child? (Part I)

Although they are often described as difficult, rebellious, ill-behaved, or wild, strong-willed children have the abilities to think creatively and are talented enough to change the world. But what exactly is a strong-willed child and how do you know if you have one?

The Definition of Strong-Willed Child:
Researchers now understand that every child comes into this world equipped with predetermined propensities for assimilating information.  These very individualistic learning styles determine a number of things like how we make sense of our environment, how we convey information and communicate with others, and how we assign priority to important issues.  Parents plagued by frequent clashes with their children can use this information to their advantage.

Strong-willed children come to us with commanding personalities and a set of characteristics that cam make rearing them a challenge.  As such, identifying that your child is the strong-willed type will help you be able to make adjustments in your parenting style to accommodate for their willful attributes and it will help you understand them better in general.  Here are some of the common traits that strong-willed children are apt to possess:
* They often cannot wrap their thoughts around the term “impossible”.
* They frequently exhibit extreme creativity.
* They tend to be resourceful.
* Their minds are often running non-stop and they may become bored easily.
* They often vacillate between warm compassion and cold indifference.
* They frequently escalate small issues into major problems.
* They are considered to be risk-takers by their peers.
* They need to know why they are being asked to obey certain rules and are resistant to compliance without explanation.
* They are the ones who look to change the rules and make them better instead of simply accepting them.

Looking at this list, the parent of a strong-willed child can certainly see why these children mature into adults that have a distinct capacity for becoming a driving influence that affects the entire world. Although, life with a strong-willed child can be difficult at times, being strong-willed is not a negative trait.  On the contrary, strong-willed children have boundless energy that can be channeled in such a way that they can, and often do, make a positive mark in a big way.

If you have been entrusted to rear a strong-willed child, you have been given the unique opportunity to nurture the development of a little person that has unlimited potential.  You, as the parent, can count on being challenged on a regular basis and even stretched to near capacity at times.  However, one thing is sure — your strong-willed child is a veritable treasure who possesses unparalleled tenacity to persevere and unlimited potential to succeed in every endeavor.

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Melissa Murphy is in the business of building self-esteem, instilling confidence, and restoring hope in those who have given up on life. She is currently completing her degree in psychology, and has worked as a life coach and faith-based counselor for more than a decade. By bringing her personal life experiences into her work, Melissa is able to help others survive their wounds, heal their pain, and live a life of success despite having incurred overwhelming emotional scars. For the last few years, she has discovered the joys of writing and has published a growing number of articles. Melissa currently resides in the Houston area with her husband and her two wonderful children.

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