Want to Break All the Mirrors

Dear Amy,
I feel so fat. I am 120 and 13 years old. How do I stop feeling this way? ….. Don’t Like the Mirror

Dear Don’t Like the Mirror,
First off, you are not fat. Your weight is not abnormal. If you want to stop feeling this way, you need to go inside yourself, and learn to love yourself. Trust me, it’s hard, and there is no manual on how to, but there are good self-help books and tapes to help develop your self-esteem. And if you think losing weight will help you feel better about yourself then that’s fine – as long as you lose the weight in a healthy way – through exercise and eating right.

About Amanda Davis

Amanda Davis is a typical teenage girl who enjoys painting, writing and shopping. When she is not busy doing homework or reading, you may find her watching TV or hanging out with her friends. She lives in Florida with her parents, and is a contributor to the Ask Amy column on the Brave New Leaders website.

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