I’m Broke and Out of Style

Dear Amy,
School’s coming up. And I want new clothes, but I don’t have much money. My parents only give me $5 bucks a week. And I only have a month until school, and $20 bucks won’t get me anything cool and new. Help! ….. Broke and Out of Style

Dear Broke and Out of Style,
While, first of all, do you NEED clothes? Is that something you really NEED? If so, then I recommend going to a consignment shop, a resale shop or one of the many thrift stores. They will most likely have something that will work for you. And even though they are not new, they are new to you, right? And if you still think you NEED new clothes, try talking to your parents about how you can work to earn some more money. And if none of that works, try going through your things to fine some items that work together to give a new look.  Instead of buying new things, change up what you have.

About Amanda Davis

Amanda Davis is a typical teenage girl who enjoys painting, writing and shopping. When she is not busy doing homework or reading, you may find her watching TV or hanging out with her friends. She lives in Florida with her parents, and is a contributor to the Ask Amy column on the Brave New Leaders website.

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