Just Want to Be Friends

Dear Amy,
There is this boy who likes me. I don’t really feel the same. But he is nice and a good classmate. He always sits with me in every class we have together. He talks to me a lot too. My friends say he is flirt with everybody, and they say I should flirt back. That’s not my style, but I don’t want to seem rude! …. Flirts-A-Lot

Dear Flirts-A-Lot,
Well, flirting will definitely not help your situation. Don’t be rude, but don’t make him think you’re interested. And you don’t need to tell him you aren’t. Just keep the conversation on school, and don’t engage in the typical flirting moves.  If you tell yourself not to flirt, you probably won’t.

About Amanda Davis

Amanda Davis is a typical teenage girl who enjoys painting, writing and shopping. When she is not busy doing homework or reading, you may find her watching TV or hanging out with her friends. She lives in Florida with her parents, and is a contributor to the Ask Amy column on the Brave New Leaders website.

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